Our Mantra

"Orion believes that our most valuable quality is our inner power- the power to go beyond conventional wisdom and achieve the seemingly unachievable, to imagine and create things afresh and anew, and most importantly, to explore camaraderie among people and create happy and successful teams."


Orion Battery was established in the year 2002 atPoovattuparamaba, on Kozhikode - Mavoor Road, approximately 12 KM from City .Orion is a company manufacturing and marketing reliable and cost-effective Batteries ranging from 2.5 Ah to 300 Ah, Automotive, Tubular stationary and MC Battaries,under the Orion brand name.The Orion battery is captained by Mr. M. P. Babu. He has a composite experience of more than 26 years in the field of lead acid battery manufacturing.

At the time of establishment in 2002 the ORION had a very minimal budget and heavily dependent on manual labour and since then grown many folds and now boasts an automated, eco-friendly manufacturing plant and employs more than 50 people directly. The Orion brand has a unique position in the market with competitive pricing, product quality and a round the clock after sales service(Toll Free No 180002700550). Orion became an ISO 9001(now ISO 9001-2015) company for maintaining strict quality norms. Towards the end of 2011, Orion entered the GCC markets with shipments to The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. UAE and Oman, thus become the first export house of Lead Acid Batteries in SME Sector in Kerala.There has been a considerable improvement in the growth process of the Companyboth in terms of quality& modern technology related production of Batteries and in terms of financial management as the present turnover is about 40Cores.

Orion bestowed with an award by the State Pollution Control Board for its sustained and substantial efforts to control pollution for the year 2011 . The promoter of ORION Battery,Mr.Babu MP, has been awarded the Best Entrepreneur Award of Kozhikode District (Twice) in the Year 2006-07 and 2010-11 .On 7 Nov 2019, he has also been awarded Business Excellence Award 2019 in the category of Excellence in Energy Storage Solutions instituted by Media One TV. Considering his capabilities, the Govt. of Kerala has appointed him as Chairman of Institute Management Committee ITIAreacode and M/S Orion Battery is the Industry Partner of ITI.He is also the Executive Member ( Govt. Nominee) of the Governing Body of LBS Centre for Science & Technology, Trivandrum. He is also a Member of the Governing Body of Federation of Indian Small scale Battery Association (FISBA) and through this it is an opportunity to represent for the requirements and other problems if any such as modification of levying GST etc.of the Battery Industry in Kerala particular upto Govt. of India for appropriate actions.

Our Promises


Round the clock, covering 360 degree of after sales services. Because Orion believes that a deal with the customer is not an end, but the beginning of a relationship based on trust and reliability. Call our help lines any time: rest assured.


Development without hurting the environment. This moto is reflected in all aspects of the Orion enterprise. Our manufacturing unit is equipped with the best possible pollution control solutions so that zero air, water and sound pollution is ensured at all levels of production. Lead dross and scrap are safely sent to recyclers regularly. Orion also conducts awareness programs on the importance of proper lead recycling. In fact, 20% of the total capital investment is dedicated to pollution control measures alone


Deliver quality without compromise. Orion’s quality control department makes sure that optimum quality and reliability is maintained at every level of the production process. A well--equipped Q&C department managed by competent professionals adhere to a checklist of quality parameters of components and finished products.When it comes to automotive batteries, Orion has a product for every vehicle right from 32 Ah to 150 Ah. . With 0% capacity loss during their life cycle, better cranking in all weather conditions and less water consumption, ignition of your vehicle is in the safe hands of Orion.Orion has the whole gamut of tubular batteries, right from 20 Ah to 200 Ah @ 10 hrs. In short, Orion has a storage solution no matter what your requirement is. Not to mention the extensive guarantee ranging from 2 years to 5 years, because, reliability and durability are hallmarks of Orion products.

Research & Development

R&D activities mainly focus on improving the quality of product by addressing the various issues in the regular process and production times. The objective of the R&D Division is to enhance the life span of the products and ensuring better performance. The feed back from the after sales division is closely monitored by the R&D department and suitable modifications and improvements projected to address the issues of products performance. The division has a special focus on developing special batteries for renewable power production project with the technical support of AVIT College of Engineering & Technology, Chennai. Memorandum of Understanding exist withAarupadaiVeedu Institute of Technology (AVIT Chennai) and Govt. ITI Areacode with Orion Battery to train and make Electrical and Electronics Engineering Students employable in various Companies by way of industry internship, industrial training, consultation, project work etc., while Orion employees shall be trained in various field like, power quality improvement, basic electrical safety power management, and soft skill development and to Focus on Research & Development of the Establishment to have innovative technical methods in the production field. A" Seminar on safety in Electrical, Computer System and Customer Relationship Management" aimed for our employees under the aegis of AVIT Engg College Chennai was organized on 31 Oct/01 Nov 2019 at the Factory area.

Future Initiatives & Plans of ORION Accumulators Pvt Ltd.

Our new initiative " ORION Accumulators Pvt Ltd has ventured into the formation of Lead battery plant with modern infrastructure at Small Scale Industrial Development Corporation of Kerala's Industrial Park at Moodadi, Kozhikode District) in April 2014 and due to certain problems in coming up the project at there, we have now proposed to establish a new project work to manufacture polymer related products like Tiles, Interlocks, sheets by converting plastic wastes into Polymer products at the allotted Plots at SIDCO Industrial Park, Moodadi. We are converting plastic wastes both hard and soft in to polymer composite products. The proposed project work is zero discharge Plant and 100% greenand eco friendly projectand is likely to be fully functional by January 2020, in the name of Orion Polymer Composite, adivision of Orion Accumulators Pvt Ltd.

A proposal for Establishing a Modern and Advanced Battery Manufacturing Unit with Artificial Intelligence system / fully automatic assembling systems in all departments with latest technology, free maintenance ,more eco friendly in the Brand name of Orion at a Private Industrial Estate near to Coimbatore is coming up.The expected Production capacity is 3,00,000 Batteries per Annum in phased manner.With the commissioning of the above project, marketing network strategies will be spread to nearby States of Tamilnadu, Karnataka and AndraPradesh. Thereby, Orion Brand will come up in the top of the Battery Manufacturing Industry. Plot identified at Private Industrial Estate at Coimbatore and the project work is in progress. Expected to commission the project by January 2021.

An yet another vision is to establish anInstitute for study, research and development of power storage solutions in the name ORION for the next generation with an eye on the modern technical advancement of technical features of Power Saving Solutions.

Concept of All Store

Orion ideology is to strive for Customer Delight by providing and making available quality power store products and services, complying with the International norms and social commitments. With this in view we have unleashed our new mission of ORION ALL STORE .It would be one single point counter where all power related products and services are available in line with the customer requirement and expectations under a single roof with no extra charges, to have more Customers Delight and all these at a time in the same spot in a vast, fabulous set up and conducive environment. Our prime concern is not sell only ORION products but all types of products depending on the mode of selection/convenience of Customers, as a social commitment, which would ultimately achieve our goal of CUSTOMERS DELIGHT by making them very happy. Our First show room based on this concept was inaugurated on 6 August 2017 at Cheverambalam, Kozhikode 17 and by this time 10 more Show Rooms have been opened and two more are coming up shortly. Our aim is to establish 30 such Show Rooms in Kerala thereby providing job opportunities for 300 people in the next two years, enhancing the company turnover to 300 cores.

Environmental concerns are also high on the company's agenda. Waste disposal norms are strictly adhered to while preserving a clean and green ambience in the society. Our motto is development without hurting the environment. We consider it our commitment to the Nature &Society . We are disposing the discarded Batteries so collected as per Batteries (Management & Handling) Rules 2001 through Pollution Control Board approved processing agencies( registered recycler) ..We believe that a satisfied customer is one who will continue to buy from us, refer other customers and seldom shop around us only.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate social responsibility is a broad concept that can take many forms depending on the company. Orion Teamthrough CSR programs, philanthropy, and volunteer efforts,are contributing their own share which can benefit society as we understand CSR activities can help forge a stronger bond between employeesand feel more connected with the society around them. As a responsible entrepreneur, Chairman Orion Battery is showing keen interest in contributing to the society to help and assist the needy in the form of donation to Charitable societies , Palliative care units and other voluntary Organizations. In the recent past Orion Team has arranged Solar Street Lights on Menon Quarry Road, Poovtuparamba for use of public as there were no street light arrangements on the road. !

Working Environment at the Company

A good work environment is an important competitive advantage. Orion believes that an investment in a good work environment has a positive effect on morale and fosters greater employee commitment. We feel that a good work environment is also an important competitive advantage, since it attracts young people to jobs . Our approach to working environment is by combining improvements in a material or manufacturing process with improvements in the work environment.We employ several working methods and tools and, by following the work flow, to improve individual job tasks as well as entire production systems..Atpresent about 41 Workers are working in technical group and 19 workers on non technical side (administrative wing including sales) thus there are total 60 workers. Constant efforts are being maintained to ensure that a positive working environment exist in the company to have a good morale and team work amongst the workers.The management has instituted following measures for the betterment of the workers:

1) Periodical salary revision of employees, particularly considering the guidelines related to Minimum wages Act/salary.
2) Contribution towards Employees Provident Fund and ESI Scheme as per Govt orders on the subject
3) Provision of Uniforms
4) Provision of Safety items like Mask,Gloves,Goggles, Apron, shoes etc as per the working norms requirement
5) Provision of Messing System to provide Break Fast, Lunch and Evening Tea to the Workers.
6) Planning of holiday tours. In the recent past, an holiday tour was planned to Bangalore with a view to have an air travel experience and exposure to Star Hotel dining and arrangements.
7) Imparting training for which M o U exist with ITI Areacode and AVIT College of Engg ,Chennai.. A" Seminar on safety in Electrical, Computer System and Customer Relationship Management" aimed for our employees under the aegis of AVIT Engg College Chennai was organized on 31 Oct/01 Nov 2019 at the Factory area.